frame of reference

frame of reference
1. a system that uses coordinates to establish position
Hypernyms: ↑arrangement, ↑organization, ↑organisation, ↑system
Part Meronyms: ↑coordinate axis
2. a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning
Syn: ↑frame
Hypernyms: ↑system, ↑system of rules
Hyponyms: ↑vocabulary

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noun, pl frames of reference [count]
: a set of ideas, conditions, experiences, etc., that affect how something is thought about or understood

Each person experiences art through his or her own frame of reference.

Her biographer tries to provide a frame of reference in which her work can be analyzed.

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ˌframe of ˈreference [frame of reference] noun (pl. frames of reference)
a particular set of beliefs, ideas or experiences that affects how a person understands or judges sth

It is easy to choose our own frame of reference and attack any ideas that do not fit it.

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